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Dental Work

Alongside dental reconstruction which would usually take place at a dental surgery or a local hospital, teeth whitening is amongst one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures asked for.

It is important to ensure that whoever is undertaking your teeth whitening is fully trained and professionally registered. Teeth whitening is only safe when undertaken by a professional. Unregistered individuals and businesses offering this treatment could unwittingly cause irreversible damage to your teeth and gums. They will also not be sufficiently trained to offer effective aftercare in the event of something going wrong.

It is common for those undertaking teeth whitening to attend a number of sessions in order to achieve the end result they were hoping for. You will be given a before and after indication based on the colour and condition of your teeth at the time of booking.

Points to Remember

  • Teeth whitening is only safe (and legal) if undertaken by a trained professional.
  • Over the counter teeth whitening kits are unlikely to offer expected results and may be damaging.
  • Consider veneers before teeth whitening, if your dentist feels this is appropriate. Veneers are easier to look after and don’t permanently alter the teeth like teeth whitening can.
  • Be aware that how white the end result will be will depend on the condition of your teeth and how yellow/dark they are.
  • Consider aftercare and lifestyle changes you may wish to make in order to maintain the look of your teeth post-whitening.

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